resin | black pearls | wire | mixed materials |   ||    |

Marie therese Wolf is a jewellery designer who expresses her concepts and messages in a simple yet particular way. She translates her ideas into  little sculptural pieces - they are distinctive and unique.


She draws inspiration for her compositions from organic forms, nature, architecture and urban spaces. Marie therese bases her concepts on current cultural themes adding elements of playfulness. Her work embodies her clear, fresh aesthetic and innovative approach.


Marie therese uses traditional materials like metals, wood, semi precious stones, but also resin, plexiglass and other forms of plastic. She has started experimenting with fiberglass and is aiming to put elements of interactivity into her pieces.


Marie therese currently lives in Milan, Italy, but has lived and worked in several European countries, in Asia and the USA.


She holds an MA in design from Middlesex University in London, an MBA from Henley Management courses and completed various jewellery and resin courses at NABA in Milan and Central St. Martins in London.