resin | black pearls | wire | mixed materials |   ||    |

In her 2014 collections Marie therese plays with themes of air, light and aloofness.


neon22 – plexiglass neckpieces in fluorescent colors.


bubbles in the air – translucent plexiglass neckrings


pearls on a wire –  resin rings, armrings and pendants incorporating pearls and colored wires representing musical tunes


prisms - a collection of resin pieces that reflect light and create shadows on the skin.


broken - resin rings and bracelets



based on the japanese concept of wabisabi, marie therese creates objects with the sole purpose of being an oasis of peace for the eye. One ends up just letting the objects be whatever they are.


All elements of her collections can be combined. The neckpieces and pendants are modular.